Why Use a Broker

The Search

When searching for commercial real estate to either lease or buy, it is important to use a qualified broker to guide you through the process. You may already own real estate and believe you are qualified to navigate the deal yourself. Or you may be a first time buyer and think “how hard can itOffice Building Faded be?”  You start by searching the internet, you start to call and email several different brokers. You see so many sites and waste so much time seeing places not right for you or your business. You see the same property more then once but with different brokers. Finding the right property has just become difficult.
By calling and emailing different brokers you’ve missed the opportunity to find what is not on the market. A broker’s job is to put people and places together, it’s that simple. They know the market, the properties and if they are good at what they do, they will get to know you and find what you are looking for. Brokers can help with the due diligence to help keep your legal fees low.

The Broker

A qualified broker can find you the space that you need whether it is the brokerage’s listing or another broker’s listing or a property that is not listed at all. If you spend your day calling multiple brokers searching for a space, you run the risk of missing something. Basically, by contacting multiple firms and not hiring a broker, the brokers have no real incentive to find you the right space. All they will do is tell you about their listings. When you work with one broker, that broker will aid you in locating the property whether it is theirs or not.

The Choice

We can’t speak for all firms out there, but when you use Sabre, we will search every property available to find the one for you. We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and search all the available listings services, as well as use personal contacts for things that may not be on the market. We’ll do the leg work, while you receive the benefits.  Whether you use Sabre, or someone else, it is extremely important to exclusively use only one firm.  This is the only way to receive the attention you deserve.
If you are looking for space and would like to be represented by the Sabre team, please use the form below to send us an e-mail, or give us a call at (203) 388-8030.  You will not be disappointed.