Paying too much in Real Estate taxes?   A tax appeal may help!

Tax AppealsReal estate tax appeals enable property owners (both residential and commercial owners) to reduce their real estate taxes should the city or town have evaluated their property value too high.  It is everyone's legal and constitutional right to appeal those taxes on the basis of reliable evidence. The most efficient way to appeal is on the basis of real estate value. The property owner must hire a qualified, professional appraiser to support a conclusion that would substantiate a reduction of those taxes. We can provide a written, documented report which will demonstrate a logical conclusion of value. The report will isolate the three areas of valuation to support the conclusion: the Market Data Approach utilizing comparable sales data; the Income Approach used on 2-4 family homes and all commercial properties; and the Cost Approach utilized for special purpose properties or as situations where the appraiser needs to determine land value.

A professional licensed appraiser is the only person who is allowed to determine value on real property and is therefore the only credible, recognized person to show proof in determining a dispute in valuation.  (A General Appraiser is the only one that may appraise commercial property). The appraiser can also provide expert testimony to the Board of Appeals if needed.

There is a limited window to file a petition for a tax appeal in CT.  Although taxes are reevaluated by the town every five years, an appeal can be made in any year.

The Following towns will be revaluated in 2014;  Bloomfield, Brandord, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Coverntry, Mainsfield, Monroe, New Fairfield, North Haven, Old Lyme, Promfret, Somers, Stratford, Thompson, Tolland, Torrington and Woodbridge.

 Click here for a list of all revaluation years by town 

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