Curb Appeal for Commercial Property?

When selling a residential property, everyone knows that curb appeal is important.  In today’s market climate, with so many choices out there, you need to stand out above the rest.  What most owners don’t realize is that curb appeal is just as important to commercial real estate.  Price and location are not the only things that potential clients look at when they are shopping for new space.  When someone is looking for a property, perception of the building is just as important. curb appeal for commercial properties When a potential tenant or buyer walks up to a building they are thinking how their clients will perceive them when they visit.  They also think how comfortable they will feel if they do decide to pursue a purchase or lease of the property.  If they are a potential tenant and there is debris around, and the grounds are unkempt, they will worry about how responsive the landlord will be if there is an issue.  “If the place looks like this when the building is empty, how can they possibly upkeep it when it is full?” Below is a list of some things that should be kept in mind when you are either selling or trying to lease your space;
  1. Make sure the parking area is kept clean and well lit.
  2. If there is any landscaping, keep it neat and manicured.  Plant additional seasonal plants.
  3. Make sure the exterior of the building is clean. Pressure wash if necessary.
  4. Keep the lobby clean and in full repair.
  5. Bathrooms should be kept clean, in full repair and fully supplied
  6. Carpets should be clean and replaced if necessary
  7. Keep hard floors swept and free of debris
  8. Make sure all lights are in working order
  9. Walls should be clean and free of damage. Repaint if necessary
  10. Furnished offices should be laid out like they are being used
  11. Replace any damaged or dirty ceiling tiles
  12. Keep all windows clean inside and out
  13. Supply trash receptacles in strategic areas
As in any business, you should always be thinking; “what makes me better than my competition?”  Don’t leave everything up to the buyer’s imagination.  For a minimal expense, you can have your space stand out above the rest.  Keep those thoughts in mind, and you should have no problem moving your property quickly.